Isle Royale Trip – Training to do it right


Some of my Instagram followers may have noticed that Pawel and myself have taken liking to being outside quite frequently and for good reason. A couple months ago we were talking about where to go for my 30th birthday there were so many great ideas but one stood out more than the rest.. Isle Royale National Park.  Just talking about it seems mystical, unknown, and sometimes a little scary.

PLUS!! I’ve only ever day hiked! So what makes a day hiker want to carry 30 pounds or so on their back for 8 to 10 days? According to Travel + Leisure : “This gorgeous park near Thunder Bay, Canada, is the largest island in the world’s largest freshwater body (by surface area), Lake Superior. Though it ranks as the fifth least-visited park (14,000 annual visitors) in the nation, it has the highest backcountry use.” Now who isn’t intrigued by that?! After researching the biodiversity, back country challenge, and overall under documentation of the park by travelers it has sparked our curiosity.

We made a list of important tasks, equipment, and travel planning we must complete before we leave on this backwoods adventure. In this post I’ll share what our physical training has looked like and how this will effect the enjoyability of the trip. Not to mention the healthy side effects of training and how it’s positively effecting our lives. Continue reading

Mi-GMIS Conference Review

Monday, September 14th 2015 kicked off the 35th Michigan Government Management Information Systems conference. Information provided included topics such e-government, hardware set-ups -switches, physical security, telephony, etc.

MiGMIS does a very nice job of bringing in relevant information for government employees within technology at a very affordable price. I believe the registration is only $100 per government employee. Notable sessions included the following information:


Transforming abandoned big box store into a functioning dynamic city hall – utilizing only 4 staff members to operate an eco-friendly upcycle of an old Circuit City.

Experiences of building websites for citizens to find information about government, submit information, and more.

Cyber security within local government. Looking at how to access and address issues in government information security.

Overall it is a very informative conference for local Michigan Government needs, it has been enlightening to see how various state governments utilize technology. Boyne Mountain has been a great host, definitely a beautiful venue. Thumbs Up MiGMIS!